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Everything about VirtualShield was designed for everyday personal and business users. No technical experience needed, no complicated setup. Just download, click to connect, and you're done.

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VirtualShield VPN is supported on all major mobile and desktop platforms. Currently, VirtualShield supports Windows PCs, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Google Chrome.

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Built with our users in mind, VirtualShield's mobile and desktop apps are ridiculously easy to use. It only takes one tap or click to protect yourself.

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Got questions? We got answers. Email us or live chat with a representative today to learn more about why VirtualShield is the best choice.

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5 Ways to Use a VPN

VirtualShield provides so many uses outside of simply keeping your data safe. You can use it to save money by getting better deals, and even defeating censorship. Watch the video on the right to learn more.

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