Privacy Protection

Easily block your webcam, microphone, prevent tracking, and more.

Block Webcam & Microphone

Worried about hackers invading your privacy? Our webcam blocker can completely disable access to your webcam and microphone. Nobody can see you or listen in on your conversations.

Clear Browser Data

All your browsers keep track of your browsing history, which is then saved and can be viewed on your computer. VirtualShield will scan and delete this information, protecting it from prying eyes.

Real-Time Monitoring

The webcam blocker works in the background. It’s quick, easy, and automatic. It’ll automatically scan your computer periodically to make sure you are not at risk.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

Real-time & Offline Privacy Protection

VirtualShield's renowned VPN service protects hundreds of thousands of devices from online hackers, "big data" corporations, big brother, and other nosy agencies trying to monitor your web traffic and steal your information. Our Webcam Privacy Protection brings an additional layer of Privacy Protection, by blocking unauthorized access to your webcam and microphone, clears your offline browsing data, clears tracking cookies, and more. Webcam Privacy Plus has even more capabilities, including secure "shredding" of files, secure deletion of your trash can files, registry cleanup, and more.

Download VirtualShield

Webcam blocking is currently only available for the Windows platform.
It’s built into the VirtualShield Windows application.

Privacy Plus

For a couple bucks extra per month, Webcam Blocker Plus adds incredible new features to help enhance your privacy in this digital era. You can amazing features like digital file shredding, secure trash deletion, registry cleaner, and more.

Digital File Shredder

Gone are the days of "files being recovered." The digital shredder does exactly what you would expect; it shreds files so that even specialized software can't recover them.

Empty Trash Securely

Securely empty your trash can. Similar to the digital shredding feature, but applies to all the files in your computer's trash can.

Registry Cleaner

The Windows registry is essentially a database that stores your computers information. VS scans this registry and finds incorrect or outdated information that needs to be cleaned.

The Essentials



Real-Time Monitoring
Block Webcam Access
Block Microphone Access
Clear Private Browsing Data
Automatic/Scheduled Cleaning



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Everything in Basic, and:
Secure File Shredding
Secure Trash Deletion
Registry Cleaner
Premium Support



One-Time Payment



With our Lifetime subscription, you only pay once and you get access to all future updates and versions of the app. It includes all the features in both Basic and Plus.



Protect your offline privacy.

Nearly everything you do on your computer is stored by Windows. From browsing history, to recent files, your privacy is at risk, even offline.