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How does my information get there?


The biggest attack happened in 2013, when Target was breached.

More than 40 million customer credit cards were leaked along with their PINs, card expiration dates, and the embedded codes on the magnetic strips from the cards. More than 100 million email address and phone numbers were stolen.


Between January and September 2019 there were over 7.9 billion data records exposed.

In 2020, companies from Microsoft and Facebook to Marriott and T-Mobile had data breaches.


Breaches are the most common way for your information to reach the dark web.

As of January 2021, the average cost of a new identity on the dark web is $1,285. Other items such as bank logins and credit card details, go for an average of $35.

What information is at risk?

Unfortunately, almost all of your identifiable numbers are at risk. This includes a wide range of Personal Information Identifiers, including:

  • Email Address

    Email Address

  • Social Security Number

    Social Security Number

  • Telephone Number

    Telephone Number

  • Medical ID Number

    Medical ID Number

  • Credit Card Number

    Credit Card Number

  • Bank Account Number

    Bank Account Number

  • Driver's License

    Driver's License

  • Passport Number

    Passport Number

  • National ID Number

    National ID Number

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