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It masks your IP address, hides your traffic, from all third-parties including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the government, cellular providers, and others.

What does it do?

Hide your IP

Your IP address is essentially your online address. It can show your city, state, and country. This means that it can easily be traced back to you if it is left exposed online. Many sites log the IP addresses of their website visitors, leaving you vulnerable and exposed.

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Who can use it?

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    Special VPN servers allow lower latency and improved connections when gaming over a VPN.

  • Casual Internet Browser

    Casual Internet Browser

    79% of websites are tracking your data. This means that no matter your interests, there's a high chance that you are being tracked.

  • First-Amendment Supporters

    First-Amendment Supporters

    Do you believe censorship is immoral? Using a VPN can eliminate censorship and free you from the spying eyes of third parties, including the government.

  • Media Fans

    Media Fans

    Many streaming services, including Netflix, offer different content libraries based on your geographical location. Explore new content, or access content of a specific country (including the US) by connecting to a server in your desired country.

  • Sport Fans

    Sport Fans

    Watch games that would normally be blocked in your area due to geographical restrictions. Fans can now change their location so that these games will no longer be blacked out due to local restrictions.

  • Travelers


    Travelers can benefit from protection and airport and hotel WiFi hotspots. In addition, they can save by checking air fare and hotel prices from different locations. Learn more.

  • Business


    Wether you're in the office or on a trip, a VPN can enhance your ability to communicate all while adding a layer of protection, giving you a complete peace of mind.

Get complete protection with VirtualShield.

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