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Has Your Information Been Leaked in a Data Breach?

Try our free data breach scan today and start protecting yourself from cybercriminals.

For your security, your email address is not transmitted to or stored by VirtualShield. Learn more about our Zero-Knowledge Security here.

How high are the chances that myself and family will be affected?

  • 24%

    Of Americans have used the word “password,” “Qwerty” or “123456” as their password.

    Statistic from Google

  • $8.64m

    The total cost of a data breach in America in 2020.

    Statistic from IBM

  • 420,175

    Passwords are stolen every day

    Statistic from Google

  • 23%

    Of data breaches are caused by human error

    Statistic from IBM

  • 65%

    Of people reuse passwords across multiple, if not all, sites.

    Statistic from Google

  • 52%

    of data breaches were caused by malicious attacks, and each breach costs an average of $4.27 million.

    Statistic from IBM

Data breaches are on the rise and millions of personal records have been stolen and are available on the Dark Web. We are constantly building products to keep you and your family safe and less likely to be targeted.


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VirtualShield's Identity Protection service is extremely easy to get setup. Once you signup, just securely enter the desired information you'd like us to protect, and you're all set! While we do have mobile apps to manage your account, they are completely optional. You can get setup within 5 minutes of signing up.

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Personal Identity Monitoring

We scan over 700 Billion data elements from both public records and private networks (such as the Dark Web) for suspicious activity associated with your name, social security number, bank account, credit cards, medical ID cards, and other personal information.

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Real-time Alerts

Our system scans the dark web and other sources 24/7 monitoring for your information. If we detect that your information has been exposed or compromised in some way, our state-of-the art detection systems will alert you with real-time notifications. You can configure these notifications to come via email, phone call or SMS directly to your cell phone. If the threat is deemed fraudulent, the next step would be to contact our fraud resolution team.

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Once you complete your enrollment in an IdentiSafe Identity Theft Protection program, we immediately begin monitoring your identity within our network. IdentiSafe scans over 700 Billion data elements from both public records and private networks for suspicious activity associated with your name, bank account, and other personal information.