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stay safe on public wi-fi

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi networks are easily penetrated by hackers who can see what you're doing online.

Using a public WiFi network without a VPN leaves you extremely vulnerable. Whether it be at an airport, coffee shop, library, or any other public setting, public WiFi networks are easily penetrated by hackers who can see what you're doing online, and even steal important passwords.

The solution? Get a VPN.

Hide your IP

Your IP address is essentially your online address. It can show your city, state, and country. This means that it can easily be traced back to you if it is left exposed online. Many sites log the IP addresses of their website visitors, leaving you vulnerable and exposed.

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It's important to understand why Public WiFi networks leave you so vulnerable. Public WiFi networks are:

Not encrypted

Not encrypted

As you may have noticed, many public network's don't require a password to connect. And even if they do, the password is readily available. This means anyone with malicious intents can join this network very easily.

Hackers can easily steal your data

Hackers can easily steal your data

It's common practice for even novice hackers to "sniff" the data passing over WiFi networks. This data (or "packets") may often contain pieces of your information. This data can be anything from browsing history to passwords.

Passwords can be compromised

Passwords can be compromised

One form of data that can be "sniffed" or stolen is passwords. If you type in your password on an insecure website, it is very easy for a hacker to steal that password and gain access to your account.

However, there is a solution to safely use public networks. Using a VPN while connected to a Public WiFi network alleviates these risks. VirtualShield can automatically detect and protect you when you connect to a potentially dangerous network. In doing so, you will be protected from data snoopers, insecure websites, and third-parties trying to spy on you.

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