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Securely on your Apple Mac

  • Easy to use application
  • Uncensored browsing
  • Private, secure, encrypted browsing
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How does it work?

VirtualShield offers the simplest, easiest, and best way to secure your internet connection on your Apple Mac computer. Gone are the days of worrying about your data being stolen by hackers. No longer can your ISP or other “Big Data” companies view your browsing history and sell your private data. Whether you’re at home or on the go, it’s important to make sure that your data and your Mac is secure.


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Signup for any of our VirtualShield protection plans, all of which you can try for FREE with our complimentary 30 day trial.

Download App

Download and install our VirtualShield Windows application using the link above.

Tap to Connect

Click connect. Your entire internet connection is now secured. Hackers will be kept out, and your data will be kept private.

Why do I need VirtualShield?

Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to browse the web anonymously. Because all your internet traffic is encrypted using our state-of-the-art servers, nobody will be able to view or steal your data.